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Simple recipes for beginners will help if you’re just getting started on homemade recipes. How do you learn to cook? Simple recipes, easy recipes for beginners, will help you. Simple and easy recipes for beginners every day – homemade recipes for simple salads, simple dishes and side dishes, or light recipes for the very beginners, such as sandwiches, are described very carefully. Simple cake recipes for beginners, such as the cake recipe with mastic for beginners, also have step-by-step pictures. We learn how to make step-by-step recipes for beginners – everything works together! Homemade simple and light recipes are waiting for you.

Pizza in a frying pan in 10 minutes.

Delicious, fragrant and tender pizza with no fancy dough – this is reality! I present to your attention the simplest recipe for homemade pizza in a frying pan. You can make a quick pizza in 10 minutes!

Foods (4 servings)
For the test:
Eggs – 3 pcs.
Mayonnaise – 5 Art. l.
Flour – 5 st. l.
Salt – to taste
For stuffing:
Sausage – to taste
Cheese tastes like it.
Tomatoes to taste.
Salty cucumbers – to taste.
Onion (onion) – 1 pcs.
Garlic – 2 cloves
Ketchup is to taste.


Preparing liquid pizza dough. To do this, use a whisk to mix eggs, mayonnaise and flour well. The resulting mixture will be slightly salted.

Pour the liquid dough in the pizza pan. Add ketchup there and spread it gently over the surface of the pizza dough.

Cut the prepared vegetables and sausages into small pieces or mugs (who likes them) and randomly arrange them into dough.

From above, sprinkle all the grated cheese without being stingy.

Put a pan of “lazy” pizza on a slow fire and cover with a lid.
Bake the pizza in the pan for about 10 minutes (check the readiness of the dough with a toothpick).

Delicious and flavorful homemade pizza in a frying pan! Bon appetite, everybody!

Homemade ramen recipe from fast-cooked noodles

Adapted to each recipe for a nourishing, delicious and so beautiful soup.


Broth can be taken chicken or meat.
In a saucepan, fry some ginger and garlic before adding the broth. This will give an extra flavour.
Together with the soy sauce, it is good to add some oyster or fish sauce.
You can take any greens to your liking.
Boiled meat can be replaced with chicken or even ready-made shrimp.

You can take seaweed instead of nori, but it tastes much brighter. I would soak it in water beforehand by draining the decoction to get rid of its bright flavour.

Sweet pepper, young corn, green peas, green beans, Peking cabbage, etc. can be added to the carrots.
There are many variants. The main thing is that the vegetables are almost ready. If the vegetables are raw, you can boil them in the broth, along with soy sauce.


instant noodles 1\2 packs
chicken broth 200-250 gr.
5-6 stripes of carrot
soy sauce (kikkoman) 2-3 st.l.
vegetables from a set of quick-cooked noodles 1 sachet
spices from a quick-cooked noodle set 1\2 package
cilantro 1-2 branches
green onion 1 pen
nori -1 small record


with carrots cut a few stripes.
my onions and greens with a big cut.
reserve chicken broth is heated with soy sauce.
we put boiled meat, noodles, vegetables and spices on a plate.
pour the broth and cover it with a lid.
Let’s insist 10-15 minutes, sprinkle with herbs.

Bon appetit.

Navy macaroni

Navy macaroni
Navy macaroni

The options for cooking this truly masculine dish are mass. Read in the article the recipe from Vladimir and cook it for your defenders by February 23, they will appreciate this option at its true value.
The easiest way to make navy pasta is with can stew. We suggest you try the recipe with minced turkey. Also, instead of poultry minced meat, you can have pork or beef minced, or a mixture of beef and pork.


Macaroni – 160-200 g
Turkey stuffing – 200 g
Onions – 1/2 pcs.
Carrots – 1/2 pcs.
Cream butter – 50 g
Salt, pepper – to taste.


1. Cut the carrot in a small cube, approximately 2-3 mm on each side. Separately cut onions into small cubes.

2. First fry the carrots for 2 minutes on medium heat.

3. When the carrot turns golden, add the onion. Slowly fry onion for 1.5 minutes until it turns golden.

4. Put 20 g of butter on vegetables and heat for 1.5 minutes. Taste brighter and better.

5. Add minced meat so that it completely mixes with the vegetables and does not crumple. Do it immediately, otherwise the structure of the meat will not be uniform. Reduce the fire to a minimum and mix the minced meat with vegetables with a spatula and break the lumps.

6. Cook the minced meat until it’s ready, add the fire to the maximum.

7. Add salt, pepper. We’ll try it.

8. Reduce the temperature, put a slice of butter in the frying pan, ready pasta. Stir evenly. Sprinkle with grated cheese and herbs on top.