Succeed in life but don‘t run after success: Miss Diva 2017 to Bennett University students

“Believe in yourself and never change your core values because that is what defines you,” said , Miss Universe 2017 contestant and winner of the , while addressing students on Saturday. Shashidhar was delivering a motivational talk at the Sports Day 2018, an event organised at the Greater Noida campus of Bennett University. Thirty state finalists of Miss Diva 2018 competed in the various sports events organised in the campus.

Shashidhar, a state-level basketball and netball player, said, “Discipline, determination and dedication are three ingredients of success. However, while one needs to succeed, one need not run after success”.

Her talk touched a assortment of issues concerning the youth, especially the anxieties and pressures faced by students. “There will be days when you will feel you are not loved. There will be circumstances when you fail. Have the firm determination that you can do it,” declared the Miss Diva 2017. In fact, Shashidhar said it‘s “our flaws that define us”. “Give yourself a little credit for whatever you did. Do not over pressurise yourself.”

For Shashidhar, the key is not to get defeated by failures. “Don‘t get disheartened after your failures. Instead think that there is something more big waiting for you. Remain motivated at all times because you don‘t know what and when an opportunity might come your way. Keep trying, keep moulding yourself.”‘

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Sharing her personal journey, Shashidhar said that at age 10 she had a thought of wearing a crown, at 12 it became a desire, by 17 she had developed a drive and at 20 she made that drive a reality. She said a journey of achievements begins with a thought so each one should have a thought and an idea that will assist one walk the road less travelled. “I was a sportsperson, a tomboy who never knew how to wear heels, apply makeup, etc.” But ever since she was 10 she had envisioned wearing a crown on her head. Of period, she had to fight the odds to make it a reality. She succeeded for she believed in herself.

Beauty pageants, Shashidhar said, inspire us to have a purpose in life and work for our goals. “The journey and experience at beauty pageants transform one.”

The 30 contestants of the Miss Diva 2018 were enthused by Shashidhar‘s words. One contestant, Elisha Mayor, said, ” is a place to showcase your true self. It is not the beautiful face that wins but it‘s the beautiful heart.”
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